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Art is often designed from the ground up to respect the nature of screen printing. The art designer designs the art from the bottom up to produce color separations. However, when it comes to the more compex jobs that require mixing of colors and using halftones to achieve realism and color accuracy, it can be hard to produce the artwork you had in mind. Unfortunately, compromises are often made. Even high levels of expertise and experience don't allow for a direct conversion from the art you want on a shirt to the art you see on the shirt. If you'd like to know more about color separation and making life easier, read this article.

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EZ Screen is a spot color separation application that features the most accurate color separation in the industry.  It is designed to be all the steps between finished digital art and printing your films.

If you are looking for a way to save time on your art-to-screen process and improve quality in the process, look no further. EZ Screen is the most powerful software you’ll find to turn your art into films. Our color separation engine is extremely accurate and will simply make the best films possible using the inks you select. Furthermore, it will take those color separations and process them all the way through to final film, including trapping, halftoning and adding film information. Separate photos to 3 or 4 inks and do it all in under 5 minutes.
Does your customer want changes? No problem! Now you can afford to change your art even after you have separated it, because re-separating is painless! And, with every run you will get a preview image as a bonus, so your customer knows exactly what the final result will look like.


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Watch a video that illustrates very nicely the separation quality. Even though the video was rendered in a 3D design application. films come straight from EZ Screen and were not edited in any way.



  • Separate to any inks you desire. EZ Screen does not dictate what inks you should use for a particular job. You are free to pick whichever inks you deem suitable. Picking good colors can often reduce your film/screen count to only 3 or 4 colors! You decide what order you print your films in, and EZ Screen adjusts film densities accordingly. Separation is extremely accurate.
  • Use any color shirt or fabric as a base and use this color in your image to cut down on a color.
  • Instant preview feature. See instantly what your art will look like and use comparison tools to compare the separated art with the original. Zoom in for detail. Includes simulated fabric background and checker background for accurate transparency preview.
  • Full featured trapping system uses real world scales to trap your films for easy registration. Powerful design allows you to quickly select trapping overall or decide on a color-by-color basis.
  • Full featured halftoning system inludes options to prevent moire patterns in your prints. Many options available, yet very fast to use using master/slave settings.
  • Full featured and extensible film information rendering system inludes built-in and custom film info inluding screen order, inks and ink brands used, date/time, project, artist, and anything you wish to add.
  • Easy saving of films with master/slave settings. Save grayscale, halftone and color previews with easy setup, fully customizable.
  • Contains many industry standard ink brand color sets and t-shirt brand color sets. Choose a brand and a color and your art will be separated accurately. Sets are easily modified and extended.
  • Save default options to be used for new files. Using your preferred settings for your options allows you to separate very fast indeed. No more setting and re-setting the same settings.
  • All colors and settings are saved instantaneously as you change them. When you open a file which was previously opened, your last settings are loaded automatically as if the file were never closed.
  • EZ Screen comes with a 39 page manual and a 44 minute tutorial video to get you up and running in no time.

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  • No more lengthy, frustrating separation jobs using PhotoShop or PhotoPAINT!
  • No more merging channels
  • No more adding an orange or brown channel. Colors aren't "hard to reach" for EZ Screen!
  • You don't need a top white. As unbelievable as this sounds, try it and see for yourself! EZ Screen separates very accurately on a pixel-by-pixel, color-by-color basis. It does not use the "selection method" internally. The selection method is inaccurate and this is why a top white is needed in other separation software.
  • You don't need mutiple channel options, such as 3 different black channels. Again, as in the last point, the only reason it exists in other software is to attempt to make up for loss of quality inherent in the separation method used, which is invariably the selection method.
  • You don't need different styles of separating! 3, 5 or even 10 channel grayscale needed? Just add the greys. Ez Screen will do the rest. Trying to print fire or skin tones? Just add the oranges, reds or tan colors that match your image! No matter how vibrant your image colors, if you have vibrant inks on hand that match, EZ Screen will make printing a snap!
  • The great lack of choices in EZ Screen is only a testament to the accuracy and flexibility of the separation engine. It makes separating incredible easy, very fast and simply a joy.
  • You don't need to edit your colors in EZ Screen. When you're done your art, adjusted all colors on your RGB or CMYK images in your favorite image editing software, you load it in EZ Screen and EZ Screen will allow you to create prints that look remarkably like what you had intended. Adjusting colors in separation software is usually only to cover up mistakes made by the separation engine, which invariably uses the selection method.
  • You don't need a RIP. EZ Screen produces halftones at very high resolutions that can be printed on any ink jet printer, provided it prints dark enough. RIPs can be very expensive and unwieldly to set up.
  • Built in ink and textile libraries make it very easy to select the right colors! And you can add your own, or edit existing libraries. EZ Screen will match your desired colors to your ink set/brand immediately.

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